Flower water (hydrolat) "Chamomile"


Chamomile hydrolat belongs to universal tonics, suitable for the care of any type of skin and hair. Very carefully and gently cares for even the most delicate and sensitive skin, as well as baby skin, gently cleanses and soothes it, relieving itching and irritation. In the summer, it is an excellent remedy for restoring the skin after sunbathing, as well as eliminating inflammation after insect bites. In winter, it will protect chapped skin, give it the necessary moisture, and accelerate the regeneration process. When caring for hair, Chamomile hydrolate moisturizes the scalp, is suitable for combating dandruff, strengthens the hair, gives shine to blond hair, makes the color more saturated.

Ingredients: 100% chamomile hydrolat. Precautions: before using the hydrolat, it is necessary to conduct a test sample on a small area of the skin, do not use if the components are individually intolerant.
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