Unrefined coconut oil


It is used as a cosmetic for face, body and hair. It is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily sheen and sticky feeling, nourishes and softens the skin. Perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face, smoothes fine wrinkles. Ideal for an even, golden tan. Relieves irritation after depilation. In warm weather (above +24), the oil is in a liquid state, at temperatures below +24 degrees. the oil becomes solid. This can happen an infinite number of times. Before use, heat the bottle under running hot water or heat it in a water bath. Along with the above uses for body oil, unrefined coconut oil is the absolute leader in home hair care. Before washing your hair, apply liquid oil to your hair, distribute over the entire length, soak for about an hour, rinse with shampoo 2 times. Hair after such masks is strong, healthy, nourished. Unrefined oil with a coconut scent.

Ingredients: 100% natural coconut oil. No preservatives or fragrances. Production: cold pressed dried coconut pulp.
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