About our company

Spring does not originate from ambitious ideas or business plans verified to every detail.

The care and tenderness that a parent can give to a child, the affection of a mother and the spiritual strength of a father - we began our journey with the desire to provide our children with unique care using only natural means and a respectful attitude.

Nature gives us inspiration to create cosmetics free of SLS, parabens and silicones - only natural ingredients and a secret formula using amber powder, amber oil and succinic acid for better skin care.

We have been creating natural cosmetics since 2016, that is, for more than four years.

We put love and care in natural beauty products to make your life better.
Five elements distinguish our products from other manufacturers - safety, high quality, natural composition, environmental friendliness and affordability. We believe that natural skin care should be available to everyone.

Although we use high-tech equipment in production, most of the beauty and tenderness of our cosmetics comes from people - experts in their field who are behind the creation of the Spring brand and products, who are inspired by their work every day.

Our employees
Professional staff with many years of experience
  • Sergey and Ekaterina Suboch
    Spring brand creators
  • Ekaterina Tsidilova
    Chief technologist
  • Alina Anatolieva
    Director of operations
  • Alina Kashpur
    Brand Designer
  • Marina Valkova
  • Anastasia Ishutina
    Sales Manager
8 (962) 258-40-40

Kaliningrad region,
Gusevsky district, Gusev,
st. Sadovaya 2nd, 3
About Us
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