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Natural soap

handmade soap, brewed according to ancient recipes and technologies
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Our soap is made only from saponified oils with the addition of water, herbal decoctions, flower hydrolates, as well as active natural ingredients: care and essential oils, honey, scrubbing particles, milk, cream, beeswax and herbal extracts. In the process of "cooking" the young soap acquires a normal pH, the saponification reaction is completely completed. Only after that all useful components are laid. You can use this soap immediately, it retains the properties of all biologically active components that are embedded in it.
Over time, the smell of soap becomes light and delicate, since we add to it, only natural essential oils are not used artificial stabilizers, fixatives and other unnecessary chemicals.

Connoisseurs understand that a real diamond does not require a setting, and they find beauty in this external simplicity, with a very rich content.
We also produce:
Натуральное мыло "Оливковое"
Нежное и мягкое мыло изготовлено из оливкого масла Extra Virgin (первого отжима) и 10% кокосового масла для твердости без добавления эфирных масел и ароматизаторов. Подходит для чувствительной и детской кожи (с 3-х лет). Ухаживающее масло "Оливковое" хорошо увлажняет, питает, смягчает и восстанавливает кожу.

Состав: омыленные масла (оливковое экстра вирджин, кокосовое), вода.
Company card
IP Suboch E.P. (Individual entrepreneur Suboch Ekaterina Petrovna)

Legal / fact. the address: 238055, Russia, Kaliningrad region., Gusevsky district, Gusev, st. Sadovaya 2nd, 3
INN 391429672864
OGRNIP 31992600039890
Checking account 40802810500001189478
Correspondent 30101810145250000974
BIK 044525974

JSC "Tinkoff Bank", 123060, Moscow, 1st Volokolamskiy proezd, 10, building 1
tel: 8 (962) 258-40-40
8 (962) 258-40-40

Kaliningrad region,
Gusevsky district, Gusev,
st. Sadovaya 2nd, 3
About Us
IP Suboch E.P.
INN: 391429672864